Refereed articles in academic journals

Refereed articles in academic journals [Hebrew]


Monographs and textbooks

  • Or Aleksandrowicz and Israel Architecture Archive, Daring the shutter: The Tel Aviv idiom of solar protections, Public School Editions, Tel Aviv, 2015.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, From within the Box: The Architecture of Bar Orian [in Hebrew], Babel Publishers, Tel Aviv [forthcoming].

Edited Books

Yosef Eliyahu Chelouche, Reminiscences of My Life [in Hebrew], revised and annotated edition of the 1931 original, Babel Publishers, Tel Aviv, 2005.

Chapters in books

  • Or Aleksandrowicz, That thing that we live in [in Hebrew], introduction to Land City: Local Essays by Esther Zandberg, Babel Publishers, Tel Aviv, pp. 11-16, 2012.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, No building has no end, in Erez Ella, Milana Gitzin-Adiram, Dan Handel (eds.), Aircraft Carrier: American ideas and Israeli architecture after 1973, Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, Germany, 2012, pp. 52-61, 2012.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, A wish for destruction: The life and death of the Herzliya Gymnasium building [in Hebrew], in Guy Raz (ed.), Gymnasium Days: The Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium, 1905-1959, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, pp. 26-47, 2013.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Postscript: a breath of non-intelligence [in Hebrew], postscript to the Hebrew edition of The Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment by Reyner Banham, Babel Publishers, Tel Aviv, pp. 363-387, 2014.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz and Samuel Giler, The new gate of Jaffa during the late Ottoman period, in Aaron A. Burke, Kathrine Strange Burke, Martin Peilstöcker (eds.), History and Archaeology of Jaffa 2, Costen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA, pp. 175-186, 2017.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, The other side of climate: The unscientific nature of climatic architectural design in Israel, in Inbal Ben-Asher Gitler and Anat Geva (eds.), Israel as A Modern Architectural Experimental Lab, 1948-1978, Intellect Books, pp. 277-301, 2019.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Deconstructing Reconstruction: Planung und Zerstörung in Jaffa und Tel Aviv um 1948 [in German], in Hanno Loewy and Hannes Sulzenbacher (eds.), All about Tel Aviv-Jaffa: Die Erfindung einer Stadt, Jüdisches Museum Hohenems, pp. 321-341, 2019.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, As if tomorrow would never come: a technological history of rural grain elevators in Israel [in Hebrew], in Joseph P. Friedman and Tzachi Ostrovsky, Israeli Silos, pp. 65-100, 2019.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Facing the Sun: German-Speaking Émigrés and the Roots of Israeli Climatic Building Design, in Elana Shapira (ed.), Designing Transformation, Bloomsbury, London, 253-266, 2021.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Mapping and management of urban shade assets: a novel approach for promoting climatic urban action, in Ansar Khan et al. (eds.), Global Urban Heat Island Mitigation, Elsevier [forthcoming].
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Drawing the Line: Reshaping Spatial Distinctions and Historical Memory in Jaffa and Tel Aviv, in Anna Hofmann and Guy Rak (eds.), History Takes Place: Tel Aviv, JOVIS [forthcoming].

Refereed articles in conference proceedings

  • Or Aleksandrowicz and Ardeshir Mahdavi, Thermal performance analysis of central hall houses in the Israeli coastal plain, Proceedings of BauSIM 2012: Fourth German-Austrian IBPSA Conference, pp. 13-22, 2012.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz and Ardeshir Mahdavi, The impact of building climatology on architectural design: a simulation-assisted historical research of an Israeli case study, Proceedings of BS2015: 14th Conference of International Building Performance Simulation Association, pp. 2150-2157, 2015.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Claudia Yamu and Akkelies van Nes, The socio-spatial development of Jaffa-Tel Aviv: The emergence and fade-away of ethnic divisions and distinctions, Proceedings of SSS11: 11th International Space Syntax Symposium, 2017.
  • Jonathan Natanian, Or Aleksandrowicz, Articulation, space and sustainability: A report on diploma student projects at the Technion, Israel, Proceedings of PLEA 2017, 2017.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Shachar Zur, Yonatan Lebendiger, Yoav Lerman, Shade maps for climatically-aware urban design in Tel Aviv-Yafo, CyNUM 1st Regional Conference, 2018.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Ornament in disguise: cultural tensions in exposed concrete application in Israel, Proceedings of AFR 2021: 7th international Architectural Finishes Research Conference, 2021.

Other articles

  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Kurkar, ciment, Arabes, Juifs: comment construit-on une ville hébraïque?, Tsafon 55: 21-60, 2008.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Khvoynik’s balcony [in Hebrew], Domus Israel 2: 125-129, 2009.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz, Milena Vuckovic, Kristina Kiesel, Ardeshir Mahdavi, Mitigating urban heat islands: Does research support the needs of policy makers? International Association for Urban Climate Newsletter 65, pp. 13-17, 2017.
  • Or Aleksandrowicz and Shachar Zur, Shade maps for climatic urban planning in Tel Aviv-Yafo [in Hebrew], Landscape Architecture 74: 35-38, 2020.